FACE treatments

Guys, how often do you think about your facial care? If you've been neglecting your skin for some time now, you should START paying attention; the environment, the sun and lifestyle will take its toll on your skin. Better to do preventative maintenance now rather then drastic measures later. Begin with the basics; cleanse, moisturize and protect. Next, you'll need a professional skin treatment. At Man Up, our facials will refresh and energize your complexion. Each facial is customized for your individual needs. Whether you are concerned with discoloration, dark circle, puffy eyes, wrinkles, blackheads or acne, we provide the best treatment for your skin.

Specialized facials for Men to maintain healthy skin

CHEMICAL ATTRACTION - A professional chemical peel, it exfoliates dead skin cells and eliminates oil, as it refines rough skin. This powerful peel will reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles and will promote even skin tone for a healthy complexion. 60 mins $125

YOUNG AT HEART - You can't turn back time but you can look like you did. With an enzyme power mask to plump and smooth fine lines. This treatment will boost cell regeneration, restores skin's firmness and increasing blood circulation giving your skin a more youthful appearance. 60 mins $90

DETOX SEAT - Relieves skin congestion, removes skin impurities and bacteria, developing a clean clear complexion. This treatment significantly improves skin's appearance. Great for acne prone or sensitive skin. 60 mins $90

MICRODERMABRASION - A hand held device is used, it's designed to exfoliate the skin, while a vacuum suction removes dirt and oil. A must have treatment to improve a dull complexion and to even skin tone and texture. 60 mins $125

BEARD THE LION - Targets the overlooked skin beneath your facial hair. A high frequency comb will eliminate bacteria and help reduce ingrown hairs. This treatment will improve circulation as it nourishes and hydrates your skin. 60 mins $90

BLINK OF AN EYE - Short of time and need of a quick, effective way to rejuvenate your look and get your skin back on track. This is a great treatment for a "fresh face" look. This treatment will cleanse, hydrate and protect your skin. 40 mins $75